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Friday, October 19, 2007

Poetry for healing and magick!

I sometimes think I should take the comma out of the blog title!

A friend told me in a recent email that he uses my poetry book, Secret Leopard, for self-healing. He said, 'I read your book and it heals me in ways of thinking, redirects my focus.'

Very touched, I replied, 'That is really what I would love above all to be able to do – heal with poetry.'

Then another email came from another friend, saying, 'I decided to use your book as an oracle today and opened it up randomly and where did I find myself? "Magic!" One of your birthday poems! Since today is my birthday it felt like magic to me so thank you for that joyous gift!'

I'm thrilled at this use of my book too.

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  1. yes you heal me with your poetry and you help me with important things like Cave Dweller. Love You