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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Insight, offsight

An email from my friend, Aussie poet and artist Bob Mud, which he says I may edit and spread as I wish! (Not that it needs editing.)

I didn't see the TV show he refers to, but I don't think you have to, to get the point.

Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 10:32:29 +1000

Tried sending to the SBS program 'Insight'- Jenny Brockie SBS Tuesdays - can't seem to get through on their web site:

Your program seems to avoid all the tough questions while giving total focus to home ownership, jobs and economy.

If union bosses are to be feared why aren't corporate bosses mentioned, such as Skase, Bond and CEOs who retire on unimaginable millions?

If Kevin Rudd is guilty of "Me too." what about John Howard's "Me too." to George Bush?

Global warming is absolutely vital to the future of the planet and war is and has been a prime cause of phenomenal pollution.

The war in Iraq is a disgraceful bundle of lies.

Nuclear power uses large volumes of water and can never be called 'clean' when it creates pollution that lasts centuries!

Why has all media gone silent on Brendon Nelson's deals with America in buying fighter aircraft?

We might also be reminded of the wheat board deals with Iraq.

The aboriginal issues are akin to 'Children overboard.' Remote communities never have the same police services as the rest of the Australian community. Blaming victims in order to control land?

The immigration department's 200 false arrests might rate a mention.

Why wouldn't Mr Downer, or any foreign minister, welcome a diplomat capable of speaking fluent Chinese at a time when the country is emerging as a world power?

This bland program layered with superficial political correct politeness is a sad reflection on the self interest of Australians slowly agonising about immediate gains and losses for their better homes and gardens that are ultimately likely to destroy the livelihood of the whole planet itself!

Is this demockeracy?


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  1. "Demockeracy!" I love it.

    I missed the program as well. Often I like watching it because it covers a lot of issues I'm interested in, but I usually find myself formulating my own responses and interjecting and thinking about everything that should have been said. I guess Bob just said a few of them.