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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seven random things

... about me, that is. Yes! I've been tagged for another meme by The Cerebral Mum. I think this is her kindly way of ensuring I write things in this blog now and again. I'm such a MySpace tart that I forget and neglect my Blospots – which may be why I have lots of friendly readers there and not very many here!

OK, off the top of my head –

1. I revere spiders and get extremely upset when people kill them.
2. That is nothing to do with hating flies ... but I do hate flies.
3. I'm not very 'girly', e.g. I dislike shopping.
4. I'm mad about stones and rocks, from tiny pebbles I find on the beach to great crags as in Scotland and parts of Australia. And definitely including crystals.
5. I love mountains; my favourite mountains are the Peruvian Andes. (Nice and rocky.)
6. I have Indian ancestry, through my maternal grandmother – the Asian kind, not Native American. There's also English, Scottish and Irish. Unfortunately the Indian in me is diluted to about an eighth, and I remain very disappointed to have missed out on long black hair down to my bum.
7. My only brother is a Philosophy lecturer at the University of Auckland.

Oh yes, I'm supposed to tag people, aren't I? Last time I did that, satyapriya was the only one who did it! As she was such a good girl and she doesn't seem to have done this one already, I'll tag her again! And Le aucoeur and Capt. Lychee. (Le aucouer's link isn't working though I KNOW it's correct. Try cut and paste:
Yes, that works!

I think prolific
blogger Collin Kelley has already done this meme, but I would have to look through an awful lot of archives now to make certain. OK, him if he hasn't done it, or would repeat it with new items. And anyone else who would like to, really – please let me know if you do.


  1. I never kill spiders. My sister has an awesome phobia about them. Once she didn't leave her house for three days because there was one outside the door and no one could get to her to take it away. So I catch them for her, and obligingly leave them in someone else's garden at least three houses away.

  2. See, I just knew you were a sane and right-thinking human being!

  3. Righto. Seven random things. (You know, what I should do is make a long list and then have Excel pick them randomly, but in lieu of making an effort I shall pick them myself. They will therefore be as random as I can make them.)

    I. I have a glass eye. (Actually, they are made of plastic now but the principle is the same.)

    II. I have had five keratoplasties (cornea grafts) and am now waiting on a sixth.

    III. I have the largest number of credit cards of anyone I know.

    IV. 90% of the stuff in the house is mine.

    V. I have all the Harry Potters - in their original Afrikaans...

    VI. My favourite place in the world is Whitby, North Yorkshire.

    VII. My hero is Captain James Cook.

    Is that random? There are two ophthatlmological items there but forty-five years of a life without incident puts a strain on finding random things. I mean, there are those surveys that get emailed around, about whether you prefer croutons or bacon bits etc (I'm still a shampoo man, myself) but that isn't what people want to know, is it? At least, I hope not.

  4. Thank you good Captain! I trust you've been watching the ABC series on James. We think it's terrific.

    Re croutons etc., I hope not too.