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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hugging Myself!

... and perhaps you too, with

Thank you to The Cerebral Mum for letting her readers know about the brilliant new service at rssHugger. I am one of the more naive friends she mentions, only just starting to realise there are such things as blog ratings and ways to get more traffic. I'm not blogging as a business venture; I'm a writer in the literary, not the marketing sense.

But never mind customers – I do like making new friends with common interests. I love the idea of a community where we exchange hugs! And of course what all writers most need and want – after a blank page/screen – is readers.

The other thing I love to do, after writing, is reading. One of my great pleasures is finding new treasures online. Now, along comes rssHugger. Not only can it help people find me; it can also help me find them!

Best of all, it is generously offered free just now to people who review it in their blog. So if you would like to join in the blogging hugfest, click on the link above and check out the possibilities. The site is ridiculously easy to navigate, even for the technologically challenged such as myself, with clear instructions and see-at-a-glance layout. It looks good, and both colour scheme and language manage to be friendly and business-like at once. I can see me having fun there, exploring all the goodies on offer. And other explorers in my own areas of interest can find this listing.

For those who don't want to do a review, there's a one-off fee of only $20, so either way it's a very good deal.


  1. I knew that you'd know who I was talking to.. The service is very, very new, but it can't hurt to see what it can do. I think it will get a lot more functionality over the coming months.

  2. And now you're listed there at number 60!!!

  3. He he, 47 just now. But look at YOU, number 3! You do have readers :)