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Monday, February 11, 2008

January Haiku

... even though it's already well into February.

On MySpace I'm one of a number who participate in writing weekly haiku at the Haiku on Friday page (see link in sidebar). A friend has asked to see my own haiku out in the wider blogosphere, so I've decided to post this year's efforts here a month at a time.

If you are
specifically interested in these posts, look for the "haiku for the month" tag. (Not "of the month" which might imply some sort of award!)

Please note, my approach to haiku is often non-traditional. Also I include what are more properly called senryu.

So here, a bit late, January's verses:

In the monsoon rains
the river is high and fast
and rising, rising ...


In my dark garden
wind chimes clang faintly, I breathe
the smell of the sea.


It's still raining here.
No word from my friend far south
in the hospital.

No word from the one
who went into the desert.
The rain settles in.


The river's flood-brown.
The wind is chill this summer
and sounds like sobbing.


When death comes ...

You should be sleeping.
Perhaps you should be alone.
But should you be young?

(A response to the news of Heath Ledger's passing.)


© Rosemary Nissen-Wade 2008


  1. No word from the one
    who went into the desert.
    The rain settles in.

    I particularly liked this one. I like the contrast between the two worlds.