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Monday, February 11, 2008

Walking the Wilds of Cyberspace

Oh the excitement, the intrigue!

I just – finally – installed StatCounter on this blog the other day, and all our other Blogger blogs too, including the ones that form the new website. Well you see, I only just found out about it.

I LOVE going to 'my projects' and finding out where the hits are coming from (the location of people's servers anyway). Not sure which is better – to recognise the source or not to.

Switzerland: obviously my darling foster-daughter-in-law, or even perhaps the busy foster-son. Austria: my wonderful MPRUE teacher (check the Healing pages on the Life Magic website, folks, for an explanation of that acronym). I know which friend lives in Santa Rosa, California, which one is in Hamilton, NZ and who is presently in the Seychelles. I can even work out which of the people I know in Brisbane spent a whole hour looking at the website, because she kindly sent me an email to say, 'I thoroughly enjoyed exploring it... The drawings, the fairy, the whole lot!'

But I know lots of people in Melbourne and Sydney and quite a few in Austin, Texas as well, not to mention the general location 'United Kingdom'. Would the New York visitors be poets I know on MySpace or strangers? And who the heck is looking in from Serbia? Lovely to know that friends are checking it all out. Also lovely to think that maybe some people I've never heard of are finding me!

And there's another puzzle. How come Books by Life Magic shows 40 hits already recorded on the site, yet when I log into my StatCounter 'projects' page it declares I've had none? (Even though I KNOW at least one other person besides me has recently been to it.) Most mysterious! Beats any fantasy novel, does cyberspace….

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