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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Life Magic: a Website in a Blog

It's been a little while since I did any blogging here. That's because I've been busy creating a website. After some abortive starts with longsuffering web designers, I realised what I wanted was something I could alter and update myself. So I began my research.

Yes, I could learn how to do it with Dreamweaver at the local TAFE, but I was told it was complex, and that I'd end up having to buy the software for about $1000. Hmmm, not on the Age Pension, thanks! Besides, I have the impression it needs a mathematical type of brain to do coding, and I don't happen to have one of them.

The guy at the local Tech Centre said I could do it with the greatest of ease in Google Pages. Er, no. When I had a play with that, it wasn't so easy for the likes of me. I guess people to whom it all comes naturally can't fathom how challenging it can be for some of us.

I heard a bit too late about Ozeclick, software which enables web owners to update their own sites once they've been created, and in which – like Google Pages – you can copy and paste any existing web pages you might have. By then I had created what I wanted. I went the blogging route.

My friend, the Atlanta poet Collin Kelley (see sidebar link), recently moved his website information on to a blog and put in a redirect from his domain name. He told me it was one of the best things he ever did. And my latest web designer (my Prodigal Son) was thinking about making something very static which he wouldn't need to keep going in and changing, but with links to blogs I could alter at will. So I started playing around with possible blog pages, and it quickly took shape – consisting entirely of a blog. Or rather, a nest of six blogs around one profile.

Andrew and I had just created a blog about fairies, to start telling the stories of psychic children we interviewed some years ago, and we had registered a new Blogger profile for it, listing us both as joint authors. Andrew's book, Jorell, one of the reasons he wanted a website, is a fairy story, so we always envisioned that blog tied into our website. And so I began, and it grew, and fell into place. Luckily I have taught myself a bit about constructing a blog by now, and Blogger does make it so easy!

The Prodigal is going to put in a redirect from our domain name to the new home page. Meanwhile the link in the sidebar to Life Magic will get you there. I am SO proud of it, so do go and have a look! You won't be able to comment, though, except on the one really bloggy section, The Truth About Fairies (see sidebar link). But you can come back here if you like, to tell me how splendiferous it is. (Please refrain from recording other opinions, lol.)

I did it as a present for Andrew on his birthday. He recently turned 79, and he has always wanted a blog that would showcase all our wares – our books, and all the services we can offer people. I thought he should have what he wanted!

I am glad to say the Prodigal loves it too.


  1. What do you mean leave a comment here? I'm going to be over there for ages! :)

    It looks great! ooxxoo

  2. Thank you, dear. That means a lot coming from one so evidently expert in these matters as you!