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Monday, March 10, 2008

Can it be coincidence?

Hey, guess what? I suddenly realised my spam level has dropped to nil. Andrew says it's the same for him. Can it be connected to removing my 'adult content' warning from the poetry blog?

His connection to this profile is apparent but indirect, so I don't know. In his case it may have resulted from clearing his cookies after he responded to a message purporting to be from our bank – and luckily realised his mistake promptly.

Three cheers, anyway!


  1. Hurrah!

    Although it's a little bit scary that these people know when you've put an adult content warning up and where to email you.

  2. Yes, and perhaps even scarier to think they may be robots! Hard to imagine real people going to so much time and trouble.

    But then, just because I don't think that way, doesn't mean others don't ... I suppose.

    The other possibility is that it was just our turn, and when there was consistently no response they (whether people or robots) eventually gave up.

  3. Can robots give up?

    I realise this is tangential, but it's an interesting idea!

  4. Ha ha, I like your tangent!

    I suppose they could be programmed....

    Are we living in an SF world already and just haven't noticed?

  5. Ah, but if they were programmed to give up, they'd really just be stopping... doesn't giving up require free will?

    Or maybe they've been programmed with free will...

  6. Hehehe! Definitely an SF world. A theme for your next piece of miniprose?