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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who is the healer?

'You are arrogant,' said A Certain Person, 'If you mean to say you can channel universal energy to heal people.'

That's a sad misunderstanding of what Reiki and Theta Healing are all about! (I am not trained in Theta Healing, but Andrew has learned it and uses it a lot, with good effect; we both do Reiki.)

One of the first things we learn in Reiki is that we are not the doers; we just act as a pipeline for the energy – hence I was taught to call myself a Reiki channel rather than a Reiki healer. The term Reiki healer is widely used nowadays, perhaps because 'healer' is more readily understood than 'channel', but I think most of us remain very well aware that we are merely instruments.

In Theta Healing, as I understand it, is actually God doing the healing, through the agency of the healer. People using that modality cannot lose sight of this fact, as the method includes prayer.

And do we have to be very special, gifted people to be able to do this? Not at all! Anyone can learn these modalities. Reiki in particular is very easy.

I remember a minister of religion once saying to me, about both healing and psychic readings, 'Some of our people also do laying on of hands and prophesying, but they always give the credit where it belongs.'

Well, guess what, so do we! I don't know a Reiki Master or a professional psychic who isn't perfectly clear where the power comes from. I don't know any who aren't deeply thankful.

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