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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Event in Sydney

I was doing a pretty good job of ignoring the Pope – which has been quite tricky really, what with the TV and the newspapers full of images of rapturous children flooding our biggest city and even older people burbling on as publicly as possible about how wonderful to be near him – but three things were harder still to ignore.

One was the hilariously-named Popemobile, making him sound like a mate of Batman, a sort of sedate super-hero in his own right.
(Like this.)

Another was this pic a friend sent, with the message:
"It could only happen in Australia.......................there's always gotta be one joker!! This photo is legit and was taken at Bondi Beach in Sydney on Friday morning........... may the force be with you!!!"

Unfortunately the third thing that couldn't be ignored was less amusing – a starry-eyed youngster from Alaska was reported in the press as saying that Catholicism was a great religion because of its openness. (I gulped so hard I nearly lost my false teeth.) "We are really accepting," he continued.

WHA-A-A- ? Well as long as you're not hoping to enter into a gay marriage or become a woman priest, of course.


  1. The mind boggles, as my Grandad would have said. How on earth could you think catholicism was an accepting religion? Especially, as you point out, with the current issues going on.

    The popemobile made me laugh though!

  2. I've now put in a couple of links so you can have a look at this vehicle, and also at the Pope riding in it, looking quite the super-hero.

  3. LQTM, I believe is the expression I need (she says, proud of herself for having remembered)!

    It does have disturbing similarities to a hearse though.

  4. Yes, and some of our local radio commentators waxed witty on that score, particularly as the unputrefied body of some long-dead saint was also brought here for the occasion.

  5. the darth vader photo is fantastic. catholicism is accepting huh? what shocks me is that enough information exists that proves just the contrary. how can young people continue to make (and believe) such blanket (blind) statements. i dont envy you the world youth day onslaught!

  6. Oh well, it wasn't too bad where I am, really. I'm glad I don't live in Sydney! (But then I've always been glad of that, for many reasons.)