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Monday, July 21, 2008

I Did It!

Set things in motion at last re Dear Husband. I spoke to our doctor about Aged Care Assessment and detailed a few of the things I have noted here as "evidence" of his state of mind. He is at the doctor's right now, for another reason, but the doc will talk to him about this too - which has to happen before he can send away the ACA forms. I told Dear Husband what I'd done. He took it calmly, just said he didn't see the necessity as we are doing a special Theta Healing course this weekend, which he believes will fix the problem. I stressed that it is I who need help because I'm not coping.

He has been somewhat aware of what's happening to him, instituting strategies like writing down words he has forgotten, when he finds out what the words are, so that he won't forget again. Yes, I can see the flawed logic there – but in any case he then he forgets he has written such a list!

So now I wait.

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