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Monday, July 28, 2008

Theta Healing - my new qualification

I'm now a Theta Healer. Andrew did a refresher this weekend and I did it for the first time. I'd not wanted to previously, despite seeing that it's an excellent modality, but when this course was offered I was suddenly enthusiastic. A matter of timing, obviously. Now I know it was probably because of the connection with the 14 other people there - perhaps a soul group, all powerful healers in other fields already.

Two of the women had had psychic readings from me at local markets in the past. One of them still had a gratitude rock which Andrew gave her in December 2006! (As in the DVD "The Secret" only ours are full of Reiki as well. He gives them away to passers-by at the markets we do.) This lass remembered my reading very well. She said that it changed her life and she always knew we'd meet again. She's probably going to enrol in WordsFlow, my writers' group, next.

It was an amazing weekend. Our teacher was someone I've known 15 years. In fact I set her on her healing path with Reiki I all that time ago – and how glad I am that I did, now it's all come full circle. At that time the local Hare Krishnas had been praying for a resident Reiki Master in our area, and I turned up, so for the first couple of years after we moved here 90% of my students were devotees. This particular lady is a beautiful singer, famous among the devotees. She played the harmonium at the beginning and ending of Sunday's session and we did some chanting, a joyous experience; and we all received one of her CDs as a graduation gift. A few years ago she became the first person in this area to learn Thought Field Therapy, then went to America to train as a teacher with the guy who founded it. That's an astonishing modality, devised by a psychiatrist, which can handle in an hour things that might otherwise take years of therapy. Then she discovered Theta Healing and also went to America to learn that from its founder, Vianna Stibal.

Being a very spiritually aware person, highly intuitive yet grounded and practical too, she knows how to make powerful healing modalities even stronger, and quicker to take effect. On the first day I cleared some deep-seated programming from an ancient past life. The second day I learned ways to enhance my psychic skills, and received a profound reading from another student as part of our practice exercises.

There was another professional psychic in the course too. That was exciting for both of us. She had done the work before and was having a refresher. She said she knew she had to come to give someone a message. As soon as she said that, I got that it was me, so at lunch on Day One I asked her. She came back to me at afternoon tea and said she'd been told to tell me that this is my time to shine; I am about to realise all manner of dreams, some of them quite old. I have been getting this message from other sources too in the past few days – from Tarot, astrology, and a psychic friend who volunteered it.

As we drove to the first day of the course on Saturday, running through my brain was the song, "Helpless". That made sense when the past life that a fellow student helped me clear turned out to be one in which I was a slave, in a society that believed hierarchy was the natural and right order of things. In great contrast, I drove home with "Bridge Over Troubled Water" going through my head: "Shine on silver girl, your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way...."

Andrew also had a wonderful time in this course – unlike last time he attempted it, a year ago, and had to stop halfway through when he had a heart attack! He wound up in hospital that time. It was a good thing really. It was a very mild heart attack, he got help he needed and hasn't looked back.

The other students remarked today how unusual it is for someone of his generation to be so open to learning new things. He will be 80 next birthday (February). The teacher did a future reading for him and said she saw his children's book, "Jorell" as a play. And guess what – one of the other students writes and produces children's plays professionally. Yes, we have now sent her a copy of the book.


  1. It's funny how these things turn out. Hurrah for both of you!

  2. really interesting stuff - i couldnt get the links to work though? :)

  3. I think they're right now. If not, Google will do the trick.