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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who's Out There?

My stat counter reveals some intriguing things. While I'm not a super-blogger with thousands of hits a day, I do have readers from all over the world, and some of them come back repeatedly to this and my other blogs. It's very gratifying! And I can't help wondering who they all are.

It amazes me that I have readers in Chile, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Korea, and Sweden. Who could they be?

I know who looks in from Greece, and the identity of my most frequent UK visitor. I know who one of my California readers is, one of those in Switzerland and one in Canada. (Not least because they comment. Thanks, gals!)

It makes sense to me that I have lots of readers in Australia, the UK, Canada and the United States. I can work out who a few of these might be, too, because I know which people in my personal life read my blogs.

But who are all these others? Who, for instance, is the devoted reader from Richmond in Queensland? Who is tuning in from Perth, Western Australia? (For that last I have a few ideas, but couldn't say which it is for sure.)

Whoever you all are, I'm gad you like to read what I write!


  1. I wonder this frequently about my own hits! Who are all these people?!

    My hits seem to have gone up over the last week or so; I'm not sure why - especially when I have been absent a lot both from my own site and other people's.

    I think there's a really interesting film somewhere in all this: something to do with a blogger and his/her readers and intertwining plots... I do like intertwining plots! Hmmm...

  2. i think sometimes, with your international readers it's an english as a second (or third or fourth) language issue. i think sometimes even though people read they feel too shy to comment. this has been my experience with a lot of the students that i have taught. i always recommend blogs as a useful way to supplement their reading and find that even when they adore the blog they hardly ever leave comments. when asked why the answer is almost always shyness.

    but definitely yes, your greek reader likes to read both your insightful writing and your insightful comments :)

  3. *Big smile.*

    Both my Greek reader and my most frequent UK reader are vital to my sense of not writing into a vacuum. And it's delicious that I so enjoy their writing too!

    Thanks for explaining about international readers; that's illuminating.