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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Facebook Reconsidered

I have to admit I'm having a very different Facebook experience the second time around. This is largely because lots of my old poet friends from Melbourne days are there now. There's been some kind of explosion while I've been away!

I say Melbourne days because that's where I lived during the heady days of the Poets Union (when it WAS a Union rather than a society) and the Street Poets. The poets I knew then didn't necessarily live in Melbourne themselves, though plenty did, and they don't all live there now. We got around in those days, and poets from all over the country frequently attended events in any of the capital cities and even country centres. Indeed this still happens, only I myself don't travel as much as I used to.

Anyway it's good to reconnect with my old cronies on Facebook, including some I never actually lost touch with.

Some close family members and friends are there now, too, and pounced on me the minute I reactivated my account. It's fun to be able to read their status updates, look at their latest photos and see from the quizzes how much alike we are or aren't on various matters.

I don't go there all that often, so I manage to avoid lots of people sending me silly things and expecting a response.

What I can do now is let people connect to my blogs – yes, these ones – via Facebook, an innovation since my last sojourn there.

And I can play my favourite words games — finding to my chagrin that while there's nothing wrong with my vocab, my speed is woefully slow compared with some of my friends. Ah well, hopefully it will improve with practice.

Above all I like being able to join groups of writers and poets.

MySpace is still by far my favourite social network and probably always will be, but Facebook no longer annoys the hell out of me. I actually like it now!

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