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Friday, September 12, 2008

No Separation

Our dear friend James Sellman recently returned to live in Australia after several years away. We've known him a long time. He's a remarkable man of great spiritual awareness, expressed in very practical ways – such as overcoming a degree of paralysis after a stroke and regaining the lost movement. A successful psychotherapist as well as a gifted spiritual healer, he perceives that journey as one which has given him greater understanding of his clients. I mention this background to give you some idea why we take notice of what he says.

He came to see us the other day. In the course of conversation Andrew mentioned what a good day we'd had at the market on Sunday, adding something about 'The Universe' always taking care of us.

James picked him up on it: 'WE always take care of us.'

He went on to remind us, 'There's no separation' and explained that he thinks it's important to articulate that now, that it's time for everyone to become conscious of just who is creating our experience.

It's good to be reminded!

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