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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm getting a new computer!

I mean brand new, not another secondhand one. Our mate James, newly returned from a few years in America, and looking where to settle, came to visit for a few days. Then he promptly had a heart attack, had stents put into closed arteries, and after leaving hospital has come back to us for a few weeks. Which has been good in all sorts of ways. he has made a wonderful recovery, and it's great to have so much time to hang out with him after some years of phone calls and emails only.

He noticed our constant frustration with our slow, antiquated equipment, and being a Mac expert was able to see that for our needs the new 24-inch iMac would be ideal for each of us. Then he found that a place nearby is offering a good deal on hire purchase, and I realise I only need one extra client a month to be able to do this. So James - who is a much better negotiator than me - is taking me up in a minute to look at them and hopefully bring two home.

I might be offline a few days getting the new one set up. Depends on the fine print etc,, whether this actually happens, but I'm just tellin' ya.

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