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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Calling all my Aussie mates

Just thought I'd pass on the email I got from GetUp today – to urge you on! :)

Thanks for taking action

Dear Rosemary,

Thanks for taking action to end the Bush-Howard era of national security - finally this is the moment we've waiting for to end draconian features of our anti-terror laws that have brought widespread condemnation and done little to actually protect us.

This moment may not come again any time soon - please take a moment to send this campaign to everyone you know, to counter those pundits whispering in our politicians' ears that they must be seen to be 'tough on terror'. Just forward the original email below.

The GetUp Team

--------- Original email to forward to your friends ---------

Dear friend,

Finally the moment we've been waiting for has come.

Yesterday Barack Obama vowed one of his first acts will be closing Guantanamo Bay. This week our Government will receive a report into the bungled Dr Haneef fiasco and the Opposition have joined with the Greens to call for an independent watchdog - this is our chance to demand a new era of national security that protects both Australia and the rights of all Australians.

It's time we make sure no Australian can be detained without charge, without legal representation and without access to the evidence against them. Without clear statements from the community, politicians will again err on the side of appearing tough at the expense of just and effective laws.

Sign our petition for an independent review of our anti-terrorism laws and a watchdog to monitor their use and necessity.

Sedition, preventative detention, control orders, evidence obtained by torture, extraordinary rendition - as the world moves on from the Bush-Howard era of draconian anti-terror laws, Australia can't be left behind.

Governments have a responsibility to keep the community safe. But our law books contain 44 extraordinarily harsh laws that erode our human rights, offend the rule of law, and grant our authorities immense power with little scrutiny.

The best way to protect the community is to make sure our authorities operate under clear, transparent and just guidelines that ensure the best outcomes are gained by upholding legal principles. Sign our petition calling for an independent review and watchdog to make sure our anti-terror laws protect us and our rights.

Three years ago, GetUp members rallied against some of the most unnecessary and harsh measures ever introduced into Australian law. Now the same party that introduced these laws agrees that we "cannot allow extraordinary measures to become ordinary". 1

Join the growing chorus of voices calling for a new era of national security that keeps us and our democratic freedoms safe.

History will remember the Bush-Howard era of national security as one marked by draconian anti-terrorism laws that did little to protect us but created a politically-useful climate of fear. With the end of that era, we now have a chance to write a new chapter.

Here's to the future,
The GetUp team

PS - Many of our anti-terror laws do more harm than good, and do little to make Australia safe. Click the petition link above to show your support for the reform of the Bush-Howard era anti-terror laws.

1 Shadow Attorney-General, Senator the Hon George Brandis in this article


  1. It is such a lovely thing to be moving beyond the Bush/Howard years. I live in the District of Columbia and it's been distressing to deal with the psychic damage of the last eight years. The celebrations in the streets here were cathartic and I look forward to the millions who will gather in January for the national celebration of this, hopefully healing chapter.
    Gay love from US (a friend and fellow poet in the States)

  2. Thanks, Dan. I do hope all our optimism is justified! I just read a scary thing suggesting that Obama is a puppet of the Illuminati and we are all being given hope so that we'll relax and go to sleep while the villains impoverish and enslave us. Now, I am not at all sure I believe in that Illuminati stuff - but the writer goes on to say, 'Look who he's putting into positions of power' and maybe has a point there.

    Even if, the change is still worth celebrating. We darn sure couldn't have gone on as we were!

    But, conspiracy theories or not, perhaps it behooves us to remain vigilant about our leaders.

    Anyhow ...

    love to you too!