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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Just Became an Honorary Gay

My friend Collin Kelley, Atlanta poet, playwright and journalist (whom I met in Texas in 2006 at the Austin International Poetry Festival) just bestowed this honour on me. And yes, I’m serious, it is an honour!

Following the global jubilation and relief at Barak Obama’s election, many were disappointed at the passing of Proposition 8 which declares that legal marriage can only be between a man and a woman, effectively banning gay marriages, which had been happening in the State of California. Whilst a State issue, it obviously has much wider implications.

Collin blogged about this disappointment, I wrote a comment in support and signed it Heterosexual Unafraid of Gays. I adopted this moniker 20 years ago when my son David started at university. On Orientation Day he encountered a club for gays, which also had badges for heterosexual well-wishers.

(This is twice as big as actual size.)

HUG, they explained, is an acronym for Heterosexual Unafraid of Gays. And wearing it can create an opportunity for conversations about that! When I saw David’s badge I requested one for myself too, and I still treasure it.

I think I might start wearing it more often. As an honorary gay, I think this privilege also carries responsibilities!

In Australia too, there is urgent need for reform. While it hasn’t been put to the popular vote, our politicians have so far refused to legalise gay marriage.

Good on you Collin for blogging about it, getting people thinking and reminding this person of her principles. The first (though not the only) thing to do about injustice is to speak up!

Post-script: The badge is now in my sidebar with a link to this post, as a way of raising awareness of this issue. Click on the "gay rights" tag to see more posts on the subject. This one is particularly pertinent.


  1. Love this new blog, Rosemary. Welcome to honorary gaydom. :)

  2. Thank you, oh Bestower of the Honour!
    Am belatedly putting in links to yours.

    I'm thinking the HUG badge could also be for Honorary [something] Gay - but what's the U? Unafraid? Uninhibited? Unleashed? Universal? Uplifted? User-friendly? I kinda like untramelled, but really none of the above seem altogether pertinent.

    Suggestions welcome!

  3. lol...I like user-friendly.

    I've finally updated your link from the MySpace site, too. This blog looks fab! I've added you to my Google Reader so I'll get an alert whenever you post and I can follow you better.

  4. Thank you. It was you who first helped me get started on Blogger, coupla years back.

    The MySpace blog is a copy of what's posted here, so it's accessible to different readers. But here what I actually have is a nest of blogs. There are three separate poetry blogs, for instance. If you wanted to see them all, you'd have to put them into Google Reader separately. (Sorry; seemed like a good idea at the time!) On MySpace the poetry goes into the same blog as the miscellany.

  5. I'd hoped for more from Kevin Rudd, you're absolutely right, Australian law is in need of urgent reform in this area - along with many others!