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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rejoicing in my Christian friends

I’m glad to say that a number of my Christian friends on MySpace, Live Journal and Blogger have assured me that not only were they not offended by my giggle at the ‘Christian Masturbation’ ad, they found it funny too. Some even suggested that God very likely has a sense of humour!

They also realised that the humour was in the absurdity of the suggestion that there’s a correct religious way to masturbate, and would have been just as funny whatever religion had been named.

The consensus is that they consider me a sensitive and loving person with whom they are glad to be friends. One, who happens to be a pastor’s wife, addressed me as ‘dearest sister’ – and it’s true that, apart from our respective ways of worship, we have everything in common. As for my post, she said her husband laughed at it too.

All of which has greatly restored my sense of perspective. Thanks, people!

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