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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

US Kath and Kim

We just looked at about 10 minutes of the American version of Kath and Kim.

Omg, I hope youse guys don't think THAT'S what we've been getting hysterical about over here for the last six years!

Unrecognisable and not even slightly funny.


  1. The Oz version of Kath and Kim aired on the Sundance Channel in the US. I LOVED it. LOVED it. The American version is shit. Period. On behalf of America, I apologize for taking a brilliant comedy and destroying it.

  2. Thank you dear; handsomely said. :)

    It's satirical of course, so I'm glad to know a non-Aussie got it too. I think those responsible for the American version confused it with a sitcom.