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Friday, March 13, 2009

Weight Loss Film Trailer

May I urge everyone to please watch and rate the trailer of the weight loss film I'm in? This weight loss program is unique! It's a holistic lifestyle program, and is NOT in any way a diet. (People find that so hard to believe.)

This me at the start of filming in August '08 (in purple) and three months later (in the pink ;>). Although the photos are different sizes – beyond my meagre skills to adjust, lol - you can see the difference in MY size.

Actually at the moment, three months later again, I look awful in my own eyes as I have got thinner everywhere except mid-section. This is my usual pattern for weight loss, so I know it won't always be so. And we have been told that on this program it's gradual at the start, then towards the end the weight falls off - the exact opposite from all those other programs that worked for a little while.
But at present I have these lovely slender ankles and shoulders, smaller boobs, reduced upper arms and so forth - and it's all out of proportion so the tum looks bigger than ever.

The pink dress above is now unwearable; it hangs on me like a Mother Hubbard. And I gave two pairs of slacks to the op shop late last year because they had got so loose on me. This proves that the mid-section is smaller too, even if out of proportion just now! I can see the results better in the other cast members. We are all having to buy new clothes!
Now please go have a look at our trailer!

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