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Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Amazing Weight Loss Saga

My results have been gradual, which of course is the healthy way to do it. And because my proportions haven’t much changed, it sometimes seems to me that I can’t have lost a great deal. But there is incontrovertible evidence:

• Someone I haven’t seen in a while encounters me in the supermarket, looks startled, and makes a gesture with her hands to indicate that I’ve got a lot narrower.
• I look down and notice that now I see only boobs jutting out, not tummy.
• I can do up my lovely black trench coat again, which I couldn’t last year. (It doesn’t look good belted yet, but at least it buttons easily and comfortably.)
• And – a mixed blessing – a friend gives me some gorgeous designer hand-me-downs which look wonderful on me; and only two weeks later they’re so much too big for me that they’ve become unflattering.

“How much have you lost?” people have been asking. I’ve been telling them I don’t know; we’re not doing that.

“I know by how my clothes fit,” I say, “Or by how slender my calves are looking these days, or how much new energy I’ve got.”

We’re having a hiatus in the actual filming (though it’s not over yet). We have all the tools now; it’s a matter of continuing to use them. I found myself slacking off a bit, so I sought new motivation. Also, I got curious. I went to the doctor and asked to be weighed.

I was thrilled to find I’ve lost two stone (12.7 kilos). I had no idea it was so much! I have more than that still to lose, but that’s all right, I’m still losing it.

I look forward to the day when I can share the details of our remarkable program, so that you can do it too if you wish.

People can’t get that it’s not about food. I say “weight loss program” and they hear “diet”. I mention something about writing in my diary, and they assume I’m keeping a food diary. No, it’s REALLY not a conventional weight loss program, it’s really not arduous, we’re really not depriving ourselves of anything – nor are we taking any special pills or potions – and it really does work!


  1. I think this is wonderful weight loss should be thought of as a sort of healing or moving toward a healthier life, it is great to feel good in ones body. I too cannot wait until you can share what you've been doing because I've given up on any "weight loss" programs.

    All the best Rosemary!

    tu amiga, Odilia

  2. That's amazing. I need more willpower!

  3. No, dear Collin, you don't - not on this program. All will be revealed. :)