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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Opportunities for Writers and Artists

Reposting just because I like these guys and what they're doing –




THE SMOKING POET publishes flash fiction; fiction; nonfiction; poetry; feature author; feature poet; book and cigar reviews. We publish work that ignites our imagination, inflames our passion, leaves us with a smoky aftertaste. The Smoking Poet also shares an extensive list of links and resources for writers and the cigar aficionado.

Submissions open year round. Send with category in subject line: poetry to Zinta Aistars; fiction/non-fiction and cigar reviews to J. Conrad Guest. Suggestions for "A Good Cause" to Lorena Audra Rutens, A Good Cause editor. For book reviews, please query first, attention to Skye Leslie, assistant editor.

For full submission guidelines and contact information, visit:

Fall 2009 Issue Deadline: August 31, 2009

Please send your submission to We look forward to reading your best work!



Please take a look at this new online literary arts magazine, GROUP 1.

You can see it at:

If you like what you see, you might consider joining The Group, which produces it.

You can find The Group and join up at:

If you join The Group you’ll also be able to discuss the various stories, photographs and videos in the monthly editions on our Members page, and able to submit material for future editions. This would also entail you joining Facebook first.

If you don’t want to join Facebook and/or The Group, you also have the option of becoming a Follower of the magazine on our blogspot page.

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