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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TURTLE ISLAND(a story forgotten..

By Thom Moon 10
(Posted with permission ... just because I like it.)

She had put the crab pots out and invoked turtle wisdom
(slow,deep,sustaining-with our whole world upon its shell)
Went out to pick up the crab pots
First one empty-second one full of crabs
Third one -something stuck inside
Now the water was clear so she could see down
at a turtle stuck for the past 12 hours
She had to cut him out-he was dead to our world
But she began massaging him ,flipper by flipper
until involuntary movements of his beaked head
assured her that some life was evident
She had done this for hours-praying,meditating,chanting
soothing and caressing until she was able to slip that turtle
back in to the waters(asking a surfboard rider to care for him
As soon as the board rider came close-turtle dived deep and was gone
leaving only this slip of a flipper of a story to share
as evidence that all magick is reversible
What you love is salvageable/beliefs make results real
and we still have a lot to learn from turtles
Like-how did such a huge creation
fit within the tiny entrance to a crab pot trap?
(and how will we ever get out again?

Photo © Patricia Geyer 2009

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