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Friday, August 07, 2009

If the house is a mess ...

My second husband Bill had a great mate, Lindsay, who used to renovate houses. He said that he'd observed over many years that "the more intelligent the woman, the messier her house". My friend Beth and I used to have standing joke ever after: "I'm having a really brainy day today," meaning, "Ignore the mess" or, "Do come in, I've been ever so dumb lately".

Of course, this was in the era when it was still assumed – in most circles – that housework was exclusively the woman's responsibility. Thank goodness THAT isn't the case any more ... is it?


  1. It is in our house, but that's largely because Dave has an impairment which means he actually can't see mess! ;)

    (This is only slightly true!)

  2. Oh I think that might be a congenital affliction of the whole male sex, actually. :) But this doesn't mean we should pander to them!

    Truth to tell, it is in our house too - but that's because Andrew, 80 with health issues, simply isn't up to it anymore.