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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

on this darkest of nights

By Thom Moon 10
(posted with permission)

i cannot see my hand in front of me
the bush outside my borrowed window is black and deep and dark
absolutely no perspective is gained around me
unless and until i look-UP!
fierce stars and planets in a foreign constellation
beam brightness and illumination
as it is by night-so too by day
your candescence shows me the way
among the rising,falling,spinning frozen stars
to navigate a pathway by the ways of Light
it is a long road to morning
the darkest hour is not before the dawning
it is now,when things seem blackest
we go within -or choose to look without
hope of consolation or maps
There will always be Light above us
and light within-even if obscured
by a context of darkness
Light and change are assured..

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