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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The discovery / realisation of severe mental disorder in a close relative.

I'm delicate – perhaps ridiculously – about posting on the subject here, yet want to put links to MySpace blogs on the matter. The outdated browser, all I can put on this old computer, is now so jumpy that I can't stay on a MySpace page long enough to copy the url!

For those who are interested enough to go to the trouble, the link in my previous post will get you there. Then you need to click on the link at the bottom of that to the next post, and then the next and the next. They are "Professional Opinion", 22 October; "It Gets Worse", 26 October; and "Views", 27 October.

For material on the disorder itself, this is the best I've found, and leaves me in no doubt of the diagnosis. There's a lot of reading, all spot-on. I found the "Now We Are Six" link particularly illuminating.


  1. Again, my sympathies are with you and your family. And I hope that some day your son will realise that he has something here to deal with and someone will be able to help him.

    You know I can read your myspace blog posts without logging in? Thought I should mention it in case this means they're not as private as you thought they were... though on second thoughts maybe it's just blogger as a tool you're cautious about posting with...

  2. Again, thanks for caring.

    Yes, it's just Blogger - seems more "out there" (or out here!) and available. I'm not that famous or interesting that too many people are going to be trawling MySpace looking for me.