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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No More Fatted Calf

Those who recall the traumas of the last visit home of my Youngest (the son formerly known as The Prodigal) may be interested in the final chapter.


  1. Good lord. Good for you for letting it rest there. These things become circular if you let them. Clearly your son has serious issues of his own to deal with, possibly even one of the psychological conditions your friends and family have suggested. But if he can't see that and if he won't seek help for himself, there isn't a lot you can do, and there's so sense in sacrificing your own mental health for the cause.

    I feel for you horribly. I can only imagine what it must be like to receive emails like that. That such a small conversation as the one you started with can spark such a tirade strongly suggests that he is not altogether stable in himself. It sounds like you can discard most of his claims against you straight away so please try not to lose too much sleep over it yourself. You have many, many sympathies crossing the seas to you from me.

  2. Thanks, Jenny! I am fast coming to the conclusion he is indeed very ill.