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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cat Update

Well he's home. We are to keep him very quiet for 10 days, confine him to the spare room rather than let him negotiate our split level floors, make sure he doesn't jump, and definitely not let him outside. So the first thing that happened was that he wriggled out of our grasps and flew out the bedroom door before we could close it, down the split level and out through the cat door into the garden. By which time I was in tears. Fortunately he didn't feel like going any further and we carted him back inside. He has now settled down, and has claimed that spare room and ordered Freya out of it!

Some hours later, he is vastly reassured, purring happily after lots of loving, and happy to rest on the soft new rug we got him today.

He is still somewhat uncomfortable though. We have pain-killers and antibiotics for him, and his stitches come out in 10 days. He hasn't got a bandage on his leg, as he was so annoyed by it that the vet decided to take it off again.

So wish us luck with keeping him quiet!

And many thanks to all for the well-wishing, prayers and healing vibes.

(I just now picked up the cat carry case, to put it away. Freya, who was hassling me for more dinner, suddenly slunk away quietly and hid under the furniture. Wherever he’s been, she doesn’t want to go!)


  1. its hard for a cat not to chew at a bandage, as I recall from ours.

    glad it all went pretty well, and settled once that spurt of self-determination was established and got out of kitty's system.

  2. Little B is refusing most food and all medication, so we are carting him back and forth to vet. Otherwise he's doing well, and is ecstatic to be home.

  3. Poor Levi. I hope he gets better soon.

  4. He's coming good - which is challenging in itself, as he wants to be friskier than he should.