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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Look what I got!

A special gift from some special friends, who live in San Diego but I think source these artefacts from South America (she is Guatemalan by birth). He has a lot of photos of them on his facebook page. I'm not into skulls; most of them leave me cold. But I found this piece intriguing when I first saw it photographed many months ago, and now that it has come to be with me, I have fallen in love with it. It is by me all the time, and I can't resist touching and holding it often. It's malachite, a large piece, with the natural markings used brilliantly by the carver to create the skull shape. I photographed it with a small piece of malachite beside it for comparison.

Packing for a house move, I haven't time to tune in properly; but can feel energy and bonding. A most amazing object! I think it must be very old; the surface of the stone is quite pitted. Skulls like this were made by tribal people long ago, as portals and talismans.

I believe it's meant to represent an extraterrestrial skull. At first I thought the piece on top was a head-dress; but no, I think it's part of the anatomy. It seems to be androgynous, as the energy sometimes feels female, sometimes male.

Have to find out more from my friends when I can, but they're busy having a baby any minute, so I might have to wait till later.

Today, at our Litha celebration, coven members tuned in to see what we could pick up. Ancient and extra-terrestrial we all got, in various ways. In addition, one person kept seeing high peaks, another saw a woman with very long hair, I saw youngsters who seemed to be members of the tribe who made it. I also felt that strong tingling at the temples which signals expansion of consciousness, but pulled myself out of the meditation as we didn't have time available for such deep work.

There's much more to uncover, I'm sure. I'm taking a little time out from packing just now, to celebrate receiving such a wondrous gift. Further explorations must wait until we're in our new home.


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  2. any more progress with that? or too busy settling in the new place?

  3. Too busy, yes. :) See next post.

  4. Thank you, Term Paper, yours is a hint I might well take! :)