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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Tooth Fairy (with a difference)

Dear People, I am raising funds to help a friend get some dangerous mercury amalgam fillings removed from her teeth as soon as possible, by the safest possible method. It's a costly procedure. Her circumstances are such that she feels she cannot afford this any time soon; she is already paying off regular dental work.

As a Reiki Master, I have seen plenty of evidence over the years of the serious health damage such fillings can cause. In my observation they are always a big factor in chronic fatigue, for one thing. As long as they remain in the body, they continue to cause trouble and any healing work is only temporary — because they continue to leach new amounts of poisonous mercury into the body ongoingly.

I was so shocked and horrified to learn that my friend had any, that I decided to swing into action this way. (My own circumstances being such that I can't just gift her whatever it would take, all by myself.)

If you think you can help, here are some ways:

1) Send a donation to my Paypal account, marked Tooth Fund. Paypal address: Never mind if it's only a small amount; every little helps.

2) You might prefer to book a psychic reading with me, and I'll put the fee into the fund. Readings can happen by email, Skype, or in person if you happen to live near me. $100 for one hour, $50 for half an hour. (Aussie dollars if you live in this country; otherwise US dollars.)

3) Say some fervent prayers and/or send energy to the situation and/or wish my friend well. I know that these things too are of real help.

My friend doesn't yet know what I'm up to on her behalf, but will be informed shortly.

Thanks to you all for reading this far!


  1. hm, I've spoken about amalgam fillings with my dentist. he suggested they are stable if in place and there is a small risk of more exposure while the filings are broken apart.

    seems alarming.

    seems quite another take.

  2. If you have had amalgam fillings for some time without any unwanted symptoms, that's fine. They were used in the first place because in the past there was nothing else available that would bond so well to the teeth. It's not as if dentists set out to poison their patients

    However, some do get poisoned. In that case, removal and replacement with the safer materials now available can cause dramatic improvements to health, as I have witnessed in my husband and various friends.

    It must be done safely, using oxygen (inhaling the mercury vapour is very dangerous), a 'rubber dam' in the mouth, and a course of naturopathic treatment (tailored to the individual) for some time before and after the removal.

    In my husband's case, he only had one, so it was only two weeks of naturopathic support before and after. One friend had a huge number, and in her case the naturopathic help went on for months.

    Her symptoms were varied and severe and had been long-lasting; they all cleared up. Before that, they would clear temporarily with Reiki treatments, but then be re-triggered. (And she was giving herself Reiki for three hours a day! That should not be necessary.)

    So, if you have amalgam fillings and do have symptoms, it would probably be a good idea to find a dentist who knows how to remove them safely.