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Friday, May 07, 2010

Photos of the new home

Now that we've been here four months, have NEARLY finished unpacking and getting books on shelves, and have already rearranged the furniture somewhat ...

We took some photos. They are stored on Photobucket. Go and have a look! (To be truthful, they were taken a few weeks ago and show our old white car. I must put up some photos of the new red one!)


  1. I love your new house, especially how beautiful the street looks and those sky blue cabinets in the kitchen. I also like the spiffy new look for your blog. :) Australia is at the top of my "bucket list." Must get there before I die. It's one of those places I feel a strong connection to, although I've never been there. There's only a handful of places like that for me -- London and Paris chief among them, but also Berlin and, oddly, Los Angeles.

  2. Yes, we and cats continue to be very happy here. Andrew and I particularly love our cosy bedroom and positively luxurious bathroom.

    Well, when you come to Australia, give me a bit of notice and I'll see what I can get happening for gigs for you (if you wish).