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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Decade by Decade

I found this meme on a social networking site.

Interesting exercise. It does leave out whole chunks of life, and important events that didn't happen in the years selected — but so be it.
It's like a series of keyhole glimpses.

2011    Living in Northern Rivers region of NSW, still with third husband. Facilitator of weekly writers’ workshop of four years' standing. Secretary, Management Committee, Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre. Semi-retired psychic medium, Reiki Master and copy editor/proofreader. Third book of poetry published (2005). Writing poetry online.

2001    Living in the Northern Rivers region, NSW. Eight years married to third husband.  Working as psychic medium and Reiki Master, sometimes as teacher of writing. Writing poetry.

1991    Living at Three Bridges (rural area in the hills east of Melbourne). Kids grown and independent. Author of two books of poetry (1985, 1991). Teaching Poetry Writing at TAFE. Part time freelance journalist. Established Tarot reader, meditation teacher and Reiki practitioner. Began Reiki Master training. Celebrated 25th wedding anniversary with second husband. Wound up Abalone Press. Writing and performing poetry.

1981    Living in Melbourne. Part-time librarian. Sometime artists’ model. Sometime crochet teacher. Published poet. High profile performance poet. Committee member Poets Union of Australia, Melbourne Branch. Poetry workshop presenter, Pentridge Prison.  Began Abalone Press (publishing Australian poets).

1971    Living in Melbourne. Married to second husband (abalone diver). Mother of two very young sons. Foster-mother to teenager.  Temporarily retired from library career.  Writing poetry privately.

1961    Living in Melbourne. Finishing University degree. Also attending Library School.  Recovering from first love and broken heart. Meeting the man who would become my first husband. Writing poetry very privately.

1951    Living in Launceston, Tasmania. Final year of primary school.  Writing and performing poetry (since age seven).

1941    Living in Launceston, Tasmania. Turned two in November.

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