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Saturday, March 05, 2011

My Poems Set to Music

When I was in Austin, Texas in 2006 as a Visiting Poet, I met a Visiting Muso (from the UK) called Clive Price. We were often on the same bill, and loved hearing each other's work. Later he set one of my poems, Traveller, to music. You can hear it, and a couple of his other songs, here and you can read the words here.

I'm thrilled that he's just now given another of my poems beautiful music. You can listen to it on Youtube here and you can read the words here.


  1. Ah neat. A collaboration. How fun. from what I know of songs, the rondeau makes it bridge to music more easily than some poems I'd think.

  2. Like the Goddess without from Snow Leopard!

  3. Thanks, Pearl.

    I would have thought that some regular form was essential, but was amazed by what he did with the free verse Traveller.

    It's Secret Leopard - but an apt error, as I'm in love with the idea of Snow Leopards (and Peter Mathiessen's book.). :)

    That poem's a crowd pleaser in performance. Use it if you like.