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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Writer's Journal (exercise): Let’s Not Write

Let’s not write about truffles and steamers and old-fashioned farms
let’s not write about dreams and aspirations, adventures and alarms
let’s not write about anything much at all, 
but kick up our heels and run down the hall
out into the sunshine to shout and play
before the afternoon quite fades away.
Let’s not write, let’s not read, let’s not operate computers
let’s not even think about maidens and suitors,
let’s not write with pen and ink, let’s not write on paper in books,
let’s not keep pecking at the keys like a lot of old chooks,
let’s just abandon Aileen and Eddie, Cheryl and Helen and Marie. I’m ready
to skid across the floor and dash out the door
into the wide fresh air, so balmy and heady.

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