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Sunday, December 04, 2011

We are going to see Flo!

Also her parents, Dean and Tess.

Flo is our Youngest God-daughter. She was born in February 2009 and for some time we saw a lot of her, and of our good friends, her parents. Life circumstances change — e.g. we moved house — and it’s been months now since we visited each other. Last summer, every time we tried to plan it, it would either be a stinking hot day or one that was pouring with rain, and we’d all decide to stay home instead. But tomorrow, finally, it’s happening! We’ve charged up the battery in the camera. The toy tiger I bought her ages ago is ready by the door. And I’m off to bed now to get some sleep, so in the morning I’ll be fresh and ready for the drive.

Here are some pictures from our last visit:


  1. Enjoy! I bet you are so excited and I am sure the visit will be fantastic!


  2. Thank you! Yes, it was lovely. I'll post some photos tomorrow.

  3. There's a wealth of emotion in that exclamation mark.

    Lovely post :)

  4. Thank you, thelaughinghousewife. :)