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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Writer's Journal: My Story (exercise)

My story should be told, Billy said — or at any rate my mother’s and father’s stories and my grandparents’. I come from a fascinating background, the stuff of soap operas at the very least. I always mean to write it, but time goes past.... I think the  only way it will happen is if I put it in poems. But could I include the necessary detail there? Worth a try, maybe, Perhaps if I do it like a haibun, only not about travel — that is, a mixture of poetry and prose. Marge Piercy did that in her memoir, Sleeping with Cats. But there wasn’t that much poetry. I would want lots, with only little linking paragraphs of prose, Oh wot-the-heck, no, let’s leave the prose out. Well, maybe just tiny notes, little more than chapter headings?  The thought of doing it in verse makes it seem more possible, more interesting to me to write it. I could have different forms for different characters ...

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