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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Half way through April, poeming month

There are many reasons why this blog is rather neglected of late.

One is that my Shifting Fog blog tends to have more day-to-day relevance — unfortunately. (And the fact that the situation described there takes up so much time.)

Right now, though, it's mainly because April is National Poetry Month in the USA, which of course tends to mean all over the world too. In the usual fit of madness, I signed on yet again to follow the prompts at Poetic Asides and am now churning out a poem a day. So the only one of my blogs that is getting regularly updated is my main poetry blog, The Passionate Crone. That gets updated daily!

There's good and bad about producing a poem every day:

Little time for tweaking and polishing — but revision is often best done after a time lapse anyway.

The sense of community is nice — though it's often hard to keep up with everyone else's pieces, let alone comment; a quick skim is about the size of it. Which is a pity, as there are some wonderful poems appearing.

The love life does suffer a bit. I am more likely to be staying up and poeming than going to bed with my man — and when I do get there, he's usually fast asleep. He is only grudgingly resigned to this, but after 19 years of marriage he kinda knows the score by now, when there's a big poetry push on.

I do end up with some good ones, which would probably never have happened without the prompts.

Poetic Asides publishes weekly prompts during the rest of the year. Why don't I do that instead (or even as well)? It'd be easier than this frantic pace. Usually, after the month-long poetry binges, I feel a need for a dry spell. Silly, really. I am making resolutions that THIS year I'll handle it more intelligently after April ends.

Meanwhile, on with the dance!


  1. Dance like nobodys watching right! I just always enjoy stopping by here...thanks....Karen

    1. Thanks, Karen, I'm glad you enjoy. :)

  2. popularity has really exploded this year. it's hard to keep up with prompts let alone responses. maybe next year I'll make it an excuse to revise one old poem per day.