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Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm thinking of merging my blogs

... some of them anyway ... of importing Shifting Fog and Cronewyze over here and just using tags to identify those posts. But would the comments get imported too or would I lose them? And what woud I do about my luvverly visuals which I love so much (particularly the Cronewyze one)? Maybe leave them there with a note and a link?

I dunno — I just have a notion that I'm too fragmented and I'd like to integrate my aspects into more of one whole. I'm speaking of my online personae: don't feel divided into separate parts in real life; they're all me. (But who knows, maybe the expression does creep into and affect the reality?)

Oddly enough I feel no such urge re the poetry blogs. They are all working fine as they are, and can stay that way.

But would it be too much trouble anyhow? Would I do better to make more visible links each to each on the respective home pages? As I have begun to do, starting here (look left).

I guess I really think I'd get more readers if the stuff was all in one place. Not so many people know about those other two blogs. I made them separate with some idea it would be helpful to potential readers. They are not just personal rambles like this blog; they share actual knowledge and experience which could, I thought, be useful to others. (I have even had people begging me to mentor them in the Cronewyze stuff.) Therefore I thought I'd make the material easier to find. Doesn't seem to be working.


  1. hm, wordpress can merge.

    blogspot can into one new blog, or chunk by chunk into a pre-existing.!/2008/12/your-blog-your-data.html

    this says when you import, the comments move as well.

    1. Thanks for the research, Pearl. I must have done something wrong, as the comment didn't move too. And although it was easy, there were unforeseen complications (see next post). Glad I tried it though, and learnt some things by doing ao.

  2. I didn't even know about Cronewyze! I don't know what will happen re. comments etc. if you merge everything, but I do know that when I bought my domain name and put everything in the same place, I found it much easier to manage. I - like you - had been feeling somewhat fragmented and it was really nice to centralise everything. On the other hand, I did lose quite a lot of readers (although that could have been because I also stopped posting as frequently and got worse at keeping up with my reading!)

    Another solution might be to set up a new site with tabs that link back to your existing ones - like a front page that will take you to all the other 'pages'.

    1. Thanks, Jenny. I have ended up almost doing as you suggest, but including the links here instead of creating a new site.

      I don't read you at your new 'home' as often as I used to. That's mainly because I don't read anyone as often as I used to! But maybe the new place is a little TOO beautiful. I enjoyed the sense of kicking off my shoes and settling into the sofa in your Living Room. :)


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