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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Writer's Journal: Points of note about yesterday

1) I wrote a memoir piece about the ending of my marriage to Bill. Later I realised that I wrote it on our wedding anniversary!

2) At the Life Writing group, I started to read my above-mentioned piece on the iPad then realised I'd saved the wrong version, the one from which I had not shaved 200 words to bring it to the length required.

'It's all right,' I said, 'I've got it on my blog.' This involved getting out and switching on my portable modem.

'Would you like to go on to the next person while I get myself set up?' I said.

'No, that's all right,' they assured me. 'We'll wait. We're not putting pressure on you.' They sat back and waited attentively, calm and smiling.

What a delicious relief! How relaxing! I am used to a writing group where time is at a premium, and some people have the concept of 'wasting' it if it is not utilised with great purpose and efficiency. Admittedly, that group is full of serious writers and includes critiquing of people's work, which the Life Writing group is not and does not. Even so — how relaxing! what delicious relief!

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