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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

That's Telling Him!

Not a nice thing to happen to my friend, but oh, what a corker of an insult/threat she came up with when stressed. 

She posted on facebook:

Think I'm going to be ill. Trapped on a tram full of footy fans. Creepy old man groped me all the way from Flinders St to the MCG*, pushed me over as he got off and called me a ' ugly c...'. Pushed to my limits, I yelled: "Touch me once more and I'll break your fingers, rip them off, stuff them up your filthy arse, kick start you and ride you all the way to the MCG, you dirty old sleeze." He didn't think I was talking to him. Ugh. Hot shower when I get home, and a cry on hubby.

Revolting circumstances to be extremely deplored; friend's word power to be highly celebrated. (Yes, she is a writer.)

*Melbourne Cricket Ground, home of football as well as cricket


  1. I have to apologise on behalf of all Melburnians—we are not like that normally. One preumes this arsehole was wearing a black and white striped scarf at the time.

    1. I do know a Magpie who is not an arsehole - but he no longer lives in Victoria.

  2. ughh glad she had some great words back at him


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