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Monday, September 09, 2013

The Barbarians Are at the Gates

In fact, they're inside them and running the country.

Australia has a new government. Can you tell that I didn't vote for them?

In fact I didn't vote for the previous government either — I voted Green. But the Greens don't have enough support to form a government, and the government that's just been kicked out had somewhat better policies — most of them, anyway — than the one that's just been elected.

It's enough to make me question (if only for a moment) the sacred principle of compulsory voting.


  1. Yup, I don't like it either. : )

  2. Hi Rosemary ~~ That seems to be the way it happens. Here in the U.S. I had just finally gotten to slightly like G.W. Bush but then we changed. Both of these presidents were young and had to "grow up" on the job. I think Bush did a better job at that than Obama.

    How smart am I? More than you want to read for sure. But, I voted for Obama but not for Bush. And I always vote for the Greens whenever another candidate is a dead cinch. If no Green and it doesn't seem to matter, then I vote for a lady if one is running. And if no lady (not a pun intended) then I vote Hispanic, excepting for Cruz, Tea Party candidates will never get my vote.


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