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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Levi and Me — Making Our Adjustments

The first week without Freya, Levi moped and I cried a lot.

I kept his routines as close as possible to normal, and gave him lots of attention and affection. This helped me too.

After two weeks he was already noticing the upside of being the only cat. 

Some things changed. She was always the spokesperson — like lionesses in the wild, who do the hunting while their males loll about. 

Levi soon learned he needs to speak up for himself now. He has become much more vocal. In general he is becoming more assertive and self-reliant — just as I did after Andrew died.

He has taken over what used to be Freya's favourite spot in the garden, curled up under some bushes.

And he is now the bedtime cat, who comes and says goodnight to me with cuddles when I retire — even if he doesn’t stay there all night. (But he’s always back by morning.)

By the third week it seemed as if the gap of her absence had closed over seamlessly. I made up reasons for this — it was because she didn’t suffer, it was because the timing was right….  Then I took Levi to the vet for a check-up. 

When I brought him home afterwards, he looked for her. Of course — in the past she would have been here to greet him and be told telepathically (and by smell) all about it. He looked all over before he gave up. It made me start crying again.

The good news is that he himself is doing well. Anaemia and kidney disease stable, no deterioration; lungs good; no indication of any stomach cancer, which they once thought might be causing the anaemia. No reason he shouldn’t be around for a long time yet.

Now that we are only two, he is even more demonstrative. He licks and head-butts me like mad. According to something recently aired on facebook, it means he’s claiming me. ‘Yes,’ I tell him, very Game of Thrones: ‘I am yours and you are mine. My lion.’


  1. Thhis happened to us at teh death of Pierette, Spirit Kitty. We are now 4 years down the road and Miracle Kitty adjusted. How difficult for me still. And now Miracle is 20. Sigh. Our sisters matter.

    1. Freya was and Levi is 16 — so four years down the track he too will be 20, if he is still here. I won't get another cat while I still have him. He was never very good at sharing, though he and his sister had deep bonds. Now he can be exclusive in his old age.

  2. Animals have such dramas and are so important as companions. My poor little dog's death is approaching an anniversary. She was 18. Take care! Very nicely written. k.

    1. Thank you, Karin. It's still a bit lonely for us both, but we are good at consoling each other. Be gentle with yourself on the anniversary!