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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Overflowing Books

In February I showed you a picture of all the books waiting for me to read them, piled up in and on an old TV stand in lieu of a bookshelf. I did eventually get a couple of assemble-them-yourself bookshelves from The Reject Shop. Of course the number of books waiting to be read has grown to fill the space available. Initially the whole top shelf was book-free; now I'm wondering how long it will be before it too will hold nothing but books.

(These are just the excess books, you understand. This little bookshelf is in my bedroom. Some others are in the living room. The great big shelves, as well as a whole lot of medium ones, are out in the garage — which has never been used to house a car.)

Meanwhile the old TV stand has been pressed into service to hold all my journals — plus a couple of items from the soft toy collection. I tell myself that one day I'll get around to transcribing all those journal entries on to the computer, but I secretly doubt I'll live that long. I haven't even started yet.


  1. Fascinating all your old journals, tended by your plush friends, yet so organized. :) I find all journal work to be very special, and so I salute the work you have done in your many tomes!

    1. Thank you! These days I journal online instead, in a private blog for my eyes only. Having an iPad Mini to which I uploaded Pages (Apple equivalent of Word) makes that easier to do wherever and whenever desired.


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