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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Gratitude Quilt

I am grateful for the internet, which so extends my circle of friends, the audience for my writing, my access to the news of the day, and my scope for indulging my hobbies such as photography. ~ Rosemary

That's what I wrote when Laura Hegfield asked me to jot down for her what I was grateful for in that very moment.

Every year she asks everyone she knows to do that, and from all the responses she makes a gratitude quilt of words and posts it at her blog to coincide with (the American holiday of) Thanksgiving.

I've just finished reading the 2014 gratitude quilt. Now I feel wrapped in peace and beauty.

Some people wrote just one word, or one sentence. Some wrote long lists. Some used plain, down-to-earth language. Some wrote in lush, poetic phrases. 

Above is my 'patch', reproduced just as it appears there. But the great joy of the quilt is not in reading any one entry in isolation, but taking the time to read through them all. You have to find enough time to do so at leisure. Each is individual and unique, but there are repeated themes, all adding up to a human appreciation of the great gift of life. 

I hope you give yourself this gift of reading the lot!


  1. This is great :) I was happy to be a part of it the last couple of years. Best wishes.

    1. Yes, it was an added pleasure to notice your name there, along with some others I recognised. *Smile*

  2. What a marvelous concept!
    Yes, there is much to be thankful for relating to the internet, and blogging specifically. Hearts are touched, minds meet. It is a beautiful thing!

  3. an essential part of the day, gratitude, and as easy to forget as drinking water.

    1. I'm grateful to you for buying 'Secret Leopard'! A copy will be on its way to you shortly.


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