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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bali Executions

One of those very rare mornings when I turned on the TV first thing, because reading that news on my iPad somehow wasn't adequate — even though I have expected it for many weeks.

Sometimes being a psychic has a downside.

I'm not perpetually 'on', and I don't go around automatically knowing stuff about people I encounter — but electronics, including TV, are good conductors of energy, and the case of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran has received high coverage for a long time. 

I don't remember how many weeks ago I posted a message that it was now time to hold the two men in the light, but it must be a matter of months already. That was when I knew, suddenly and absolutely, that they would indeed be executed. But to say so then would have been wrong. I didn't want to put that energy of doom out there, and besides, I am not infallible.

Never would I have been happier to be wrong!

However, my certainty of doom never lifted, except for one brief moment of hope yesterday re the recent beginning of a legal process into corruption at the trial. But it was only a moment. 

Fortunately my little post on facebook was hardly needed; the two were surrounded by love and support in all these weeks, and were the focus of much positive energy from many who, like me, never met them personally but were inspired by their shining examples of transforming themselves under the most difficult conditions. 

And in their deaths, and the way they conducted themselves in the face of this prospect, they continue to inspire us all to do what we can to have the death penalty abolished everywhere. These lives were cut off cruelly, far too soon, but were surely not wasted.

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