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Monday, May 04, 2015

Sunday letters, Samhain Edition

Dear Samhain

You are my favourite Sabbat. You are deep and mysterious, and you take place at night. The veil thins and we welcome our ancestors and other dead. My most powerful times, as Priestess and psychic medium, have happened during Samhain rituals. I even like you better than Beltane. I personify you as a dark beauty.

Dear Neighbour over the fence

I like that you are another night owl. I like to hear you moving about late, as I do. It feels friendly and companionable, almost. We are not unfriendly: you're a polite, good-hearted lad; but we'd never really make companions. But the companionship of moving around our own homes independently of each other on the late nights, that's reassuring. 

Luckily for me, when I go to bed I take my hearing aids out. When you can't sleep and turn on your heavy metal music at 3am, it doesn't wake me. (It woke my son and his partner when they were here.) When you do it at midnight, when I'm still awake, it sounds like muffled thumping; it doesn't disturb me. I enjoy the thought that you are enjoying it. 

(If you play it in the daytime, when I am out in my back yard, I'm pleased. I like heavy metal too.)

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