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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why I Have Long Held Him In Contempt

It was decades ago. And it was nothing to do with paedophilia. The Catholic Church was holding an enquiry into a social matter of a different kind, in which the Church had some involvement and was in a position to help improve the lot of many people. 

Submissions were called for, both written and in person. As a representative of another organisation with a close interest in this matter, and having some personal experience of it albeit second-hand, I chose to do both. 

I made a long and detailed written submission and also attended a meeting along with a number of other interested parties. (I might add that, because of previous work I had been engaged in, I knew how to write proper, professional submissions.)

I remember clearly to this day the air of deep concern with which the young priest listened to what everyone at that meeting had to say, and his comforting words to those who had suffered. I remember his assurances that our submissions would be treated very seriously.

Months later he brought out his report. The organisation I represented received a copy. I remember very clearly, too, my disillusionment and disgust on reading that document. It was a whitewash job on the Church, and absolutely stonewalled any of the reforms we had begged for, and for which we had presented cogent cases backed up with personal evidence.

I have loathed and distrusted this man ever since, watching his rise to great eminence in his Church, and seeing him become ever smarmier and more obviously hypocritical along the way. But he was always like that at heart. To my perception, he has always been a career priest looking for his own advancement, rather than a true follower of the teachings of Jesus.

It is not surprising to me that he is now accused of other whitewashes, other stonewalling of opportunities for reform — namely, covering up specific cases of priestly paedophilia. It is no surprise that he stands revealed as a person greatly lacking in compassion. 

As I make no claim to be Christian myself, I have no problem taking pleasure in the fact that this man looks to be finally exposed for what he really is. If there is justice, he will be removed from any position of authority where he can continue to foster and protect evil. 

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