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Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Interview at Smashwords

(a request to my readers)

I had to devise a self-interview as part of my profile on Smashwords, where my latest poetry book is published (actually a collaboration with Jennie Fraine and Helen Patrice: THREE CYCLES OF THE MOON).

You can read the interview here. I request that you please do so, and please tell me in the comments at this blog post whether there are are other questions you would like me to answer.


  1. I really enjoyed the interview, Rosemary. I have an additional question for you: what advice would you give to new / young poets, just starting out? Another question: what are your three favourite poems?

    1. Many thanks, Lisa. I'll get on to that and let you know when I have posted the answers. (They will take a bit of thinking about.)

    2. OK, done! I enjoyed answering them.

  2. An excellent and very interesting interview, Rosemary. Loved it.

  3. so enjoyable..."Poetry always seemed to me a natural response to beauty."..a beautiful thought...

  4. I just want to send love a support to our dear friend Rosemary. Cheers...


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